We look at assurance services as more than just a required reporting obligation.  We set higher standards by not only reporting what is required,  but also going that extra mile to help our clients increase profits, proficiency and establish efficient and effective controls with each assurance engagement, regardless if we are performing an audit, review or other engagement in accordance with appropriate professional standards.  We look to provide added value to every client, regardless of size.  We want each and every client to be successful as possible.  We accomplish this goal by continuing to keep in touch throughout the year, keeping the client up-to-date on new professional standards that will have an impact to them and providing fresh ideas, trends and insights into the client's industry.

We plan each engagement by assessing each client's individual needs, accounting system and procedures to ensure that we design an effective engagement that not only meets the needs of the required professional standards, but will also help improve the client's business efficiency.  Throughout each of our engagements, we strive to deliver our services in the most effective and efficient manner as possible so that our clients are happy throughout the process.

Specific Assurance Services

We use up-to-date specialized tax and accounting software for financial statement preperation.  Our services include but are not limited to the following list:

* Standard Audits

* Single Audits

* Reports on Internal Control

* Reviews

* Compilations

* Agreed upon procedures

* internal audit assistance engagements

Current Peer Review Reports:          2018 Peer Review     Certificate of Recognition

Tax Services
  • Tax & Financial Planning
  • Income tax preparation/planning
  • Fixed asset management
  • Financial planning/investments
  • Business Evaluation
Assurance Services
  • Audit Engagements
  • Review Engagement
  • Compilation Engagements
  • Agreed upon procedures
Quickbook Services
  • QuickBooks Consulting
  • QuickBooks setup
  • QuickBooks monthly accounting
  • QuickBooks Payroll
  • QuickBooks Discounts
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